Like I needed this

So, I now have an app that allows me to post from my Blackberry. Like I really needed that freedom. I’m not saying I don’t like it, just that I don’t need it.

It was a week while Jason was gone. On Monday at work I had a misquote bit on my shin driving me up a wall. By Monday night a large red patch was painful and swollen.

So off to the doc where I got some antibiotics.

Wednesday, ok. Thursday, painful but those meds! Friday, a check up and change in meds. Saturday I paged my doc because I was getting a little worried. I’ve paged her one other time in all the years I’ve been seeing her.

Sunday morning the redness was spreading and my ankle was swollen. I paged my doc and her words were “shit Dana, I’ve gotta admit you”.

So my parents took Kyle and then drove me to the hospital. Can I say it was a blast? No, because it wasn’t. I mean, Dr. Sukowaty rocks and but having to see her teathered to an IV is so beyond not fun.

The IV worked and she was able to send me home Monday. The leg looks ages better but it still looks gross. Of course if I could shave that area it might look nicer.


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