He can high five

Kyle has learned the high five.  He’s happily doing it now when ever you say “Hi five!”  He loves the cheering he gets when he does it.  The boy is all about us cheering him on.

He’s also figured out how to get to daddy’s VHS tapes.  Yes, VHS tapes.  Among the last things in what is now Kyle’s room from our pre-baby days is a shelf full of tapes of Jason’s.  He thinks they are great fun, I’m just happy he didn’t destroy any of them.

I’m very tired and I’m pretty sure I have a UTI/Bladder infection.  Isn’t that just dandy?

I never, ever thought I’d get into Twitter.  It just didn’t seem like there was much point.  Now I’m following friends, family and celebrities.  And you can tell who tweets themselves and who has people do it for them.  Some fun stuff is shots from the Hero’s set, photos of CA Gov and legislators hashing out the budget and random crap from people I know.  I love the random  crap.  Just like this blog.


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