We choose to go to the moon because it was hard, we choose to go to Mars because we can.

I did not forget that yesterday was the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon.  I really wanted to go out last night and look at it, really look at the moon and think about those 12 men who walked on the surface.  Neil Armstrong, Charles Peter Conrad, Alan Shepard, David Scott, John Young, Eugene Cerman, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Charles Duke, Harrison Schmidt, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell and James Irwin.

Humans, across genders, across religions and across nations, explore.  It seems to be part of our DNA and we’ve only scratched the surface of exploring our universe.  Even with the disasters we choose to continue to stretch up into orbit.  It’s awe inspiring.

The technologies that NASA developed or perfected for the space program is all around us.  From the computer I sit at to the foam in my sneakers.  Gortex, better insulation, medicine.  Everyday something we touch and use has roots in our space program.

45 years ago people didn’t believe man could walk on the moon, yet they did.  It’s my hope that within my lifetime I can watch man walk on the moon again but not just on the moon, I want to see a man (or women) walk on Mars.


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