Are you a mom? Do you work? Do you stay at home? Either way, here are some household ideas

It doesn’t matter if you work 40 hours a week or stay at home, all mom’s are pressed for time.  Hell even if you’re not a mom you probably don’t revel in mopping and dusting.  I must admit, I am a very happy homemaker.  I love to bake, my red velvet cake was a hit at the 4th of July, I like clean and I’d love organized (but that’s not going to happen with 3 people in 1000 sq feet and one of those people having a Toy R Us).  Clean things make me happy.  Cooking makes me happy.  If I had any creative spark I’d probably try and take Martha down.  I don’t though so you’re safe there Martha.

Over time I’ve figured out some things that help me out.  Either keeping things clean or cleaning them the easiest way.  Be it making beef strogonoff that someone who hates it loves or tossing together something at a frantic pace at 5pm.

Vinegar.  I simply think this is something no household should be without. I’m not even talking fancy vinegar, I’m talking about the plain old white stuff.  You can die Easter eggs with it, make a deviled egg or help with your kids volcano school experiment.  You can also clean with it.

7 cups water and 5 cups vinegar through your coffee pot cleans it up very well.  After that’s run through just do another cycle with plain tap water.  Beware it smells like hot vinegar but it’s worth it.

2 tablespoons of baking soda and a good splash of the stuff is beyond any commercial product I’ve tried for cleaning the garbage disposal.

A quarter of a cup on the bottom of your dishwasher helps with hard water or not well rinsed dishes.  I figured this one out due to desperation.  All Kyle’s cups were coming out cloudy and yucky looking.  I tossed it in on a whim and wow, sparkle!  I use it with the commercial rinse agent.  Best. Idea. Ever.

My crockpot is also my friend, I love that I can throw stuff in there for tomorrow’s dinner while I’m warming up tonight’s dinner and leave it until the morning.   Tomorrow we’re having pork chops in a cream sauce.

3 large pork chops

2cups hot water, 3 beef bullion cubes

1/4 cup sour cream

1/2 medium onion

3 large carrots


pepper,garlic and salt to taste.
Dissolve bullion into hot water, pour into crock pot, stir in sour cream.  Place the  pork chops into the liquid making sure to turn any chop that isn’t submerged.  Add seasonings.  Chunk up the carrots and onion and add mushrooms.  Heat on low while at work.

My mother used to mandate cleaning days were Saturday’s.  I’m not of the opinion if I clean my glass today then the dust tomorrow the world will crash.  I’ve also been known to clean the toilet while Kyle takes a bath.  Relax, I don’t have to turn my back to him at all.  I can clearly see him at all times!

But the biggest tip I can offer?  Take time for your self.  I learned my shortcuts and how to’s because I didn’t like working until 9am then “relaxing” for an hour.


2 thoughts on “Are you a mom? Do you work? Do you stay at home? Either way, here are some household ideas

  1. Hello, My name is Pamela and I really enjoyed your post!! I am a mother of 2 young children and am working from home doing a home-based business and working outside the home. Needless to say, I feel BUSY and love hearing how other Moms stay organized and sane. Thank you for the helpful tips. I plan to try the pork recipe.

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