You gotta love family.

Jason and his mother are going out of town for a wedding on the 29th and coming home on the 3rd.  J’s mom is very excited to spend some time alone with her adult son.  Jason and I have been together a decade now and out of our parents home to what now adds up to the majority of our adult lives.  Because she was finishing school my sister in law lived at home longer and let’s face it, mom’s and daughters tend to be closer.  J’s also really looking forward to the trip, it’s been almost 6 years since we went anywhere fun and he really needs the break.

But with him being gone there is a small problem.  I work 8 to 4 every weekday and my mom watches Kyle.  Because of his schedule J takes Kyle to my mom’s at either 9am or noon and he also has Friday’s off.  Him being gone will mean my mom has to watch Kyle from 7:30 until 4:30ish and this is going to be hard on her.  So I asked one of my nieces, Nichole, to stay with me that week and watch Kyle in the morning then take him to grandma’s in the afternoon so she could hang out.  She’s all for it, I start planning in my head, I took the Friday J will be gone off so we’ll make home-made-from-scrach cinnomon rolls.  I’ll let her play in my cloest and even try on my wedding dress.

That was until I sent a txt message to my sister.  Her response was very much a meh.  She pointed out it was the day after the twins birthday, I have no earthly idea what that has to do with the price of tea in China but ok.  Nicky might want to stay home.  No, she wants to stay with me.  Most likely because we give her the freedom to be 15 while my sister is like a prison warden.  Hell she barley let’s the kids walk across the street to the school playground.

So my dad calls my sister to find out when they are swapping kids, mom and dad take one of the three on a rotating basis over the summer.  He also mentions the week Jason will be gone because if she won’t let one of the kids stay mom will have to work something out.  My sister blows a gasket.  She’s yelling at my dad that they are her kids  and she might want them to be home and Nichole has work to do.  Tell me, how much work can a girl who’s spent the better part of three weeks gone from home have to do?  What mess has she created at her home?

My dad is having none of it.  He tells her that they don’t need the kids and that she can keep ’em all.  Of course my brother in law later called to talk about dropping off Lexi and picking up Nichole.

The most amusing part of all this to me is this.  If we offered to take all three of her kids she wouldn’t bat an eye.  You see it’s all about control with her.  We want the kids, she’s in control.  She’s asked to take Kyle over night on several occasions.  It’s a no go.  She doesn’t respect my no smoking around him rule, she had a Pit Bull.  Now, it’s not the breed I object too in this case.  It’s that Kon is very, very hyper.  Loving as all get out but cannot bowl people over.  He’ll she’s put my ass on the floor a time or two.  And because I feel like if I say sure she’ll twist it and figure she’s doing me some huge favor and I’ll ‘owe’ her.

I was only trying to help my mom because having Kyle that long over that many days will be very hard on her but I’ll figure something else out.  The only person my sister is hurting is her daughter in this.  But she’ll never, ever realize that.


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