*poof* It’s gone

Why is it when I’m chasing Kyle around, driving somewhere or at work I have a great sketch for a post all written up in my head yet the moment I can sit down it goes *poof*?  Today, while playing, cleaning, cooking and doing a mountian of laundry I had a whole post about crap I find online all written up in my head yet as I sit here there I can remember nothing at all.

Well some of it, something about how the stories I see posted online from actual news people are so poorly written that I wonder if the writer actually went to college or just knew someone who knew someone.  Aside from the poor spelling or grammer, the stories lack any real information and are confusing as hell.

Like using a persons last name.  “Paul Smith of Jonesville won an award for the largest cabbage.  Smith’s mother, Susan Miller said ‘I’m not surprised, my boy sure does love growin’ stuff.’  Miller went on to explain Smith also enjoyed barn dances.”  It gets confusing when your dealing with, oh real news and with names that are unfamiliar to us.  I get why it’s done but when it’s done 38 times during one story you sometimes have to go back to the start to remember who the hell the writer is talking about.

Or how about time lines.  Those seem to be lost too.  There is no flow to the stories anymore.

What drives me up a wall the most is an article that has no information.  It’s a paragraph or two and then, well, nothing.  There was a whole lot more and it made a lot more sense when I wrote it in my head.

I was a happy girl last night as Eureka is back with new shows.  Man I love that show.  Super geeky toys, fairly adorable geeky guys and a pretty hot sheriff.  I also enjoy Estate of Panic.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching people scared out of their minds do stupid stuff for money.  Oh and Steve Valentine is hot too.


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