No catchy title

I really haven’t much I want to post and share with the world at large.  Not to say there aren’t things going on but I know that what I say here could potentially come back in and bite me hard in the ass.  So I tend not to vent about somethings or discuss somethings because I read all the stories about people who do.  In fact when I read them I yell at the story, as if the idiots involved can hear me, “what did you not understand about world WIDE web?!”.

It never ceases to amaze me that people forget that others can read or see, what they put out there on line.  Don’t like your co-workers?  Get a book and hide it in your laundry basket.  Don’t post it in your blog.  Even if you post it so no one can read it but you.

Mad at your MIL?  Well, live by the rule of “if you can’t say it to their face”.  I mean that.  I try and live my life by that rule why would I think it dosen’t apply to my online life as well?

Mad at the husband?  Well, he’ll read it so if you don’t want to discuss it then don’t post it.  It really is a simple concept.

And you know, to take it a step further, don’t have an affair.  And if you insist on having an affair don’t email or txt your lover ok?  It blows plausible deniability out of the water.

The internet, it’s foreverz for real.

P.S. David H. Lawrence XVII is on my twitter feed, he plays the Puppet Master on Hero’s.  Anyway, after I added him he sent me a message just asking why I’d add him in general.  Which, they way he did it, really seemed nice and curious.  So I emailed him back and he actually answered.  Not a bot answer, not a “thanks for your intrest” answer but an actual answer that responded to what I’d told him.  I actually started following his tweets because his are somewhat intreasting.

I was also following Brent Spiner, of Data fame.  You know, he’s sorta a jackass.

Greg Grundburg, Alias and Hero’s, is also a fun twetter.


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