To those about to rock

I’m thinking we need to do a Rock Band weekend.  J and I started a tour but we’ve sorta lost some interest and my band is lonely.  I think part of my problem is that I like to do vocals and Rock Band II, well the songs are just meh when it comes to me wanting to sing them.  I sort of wish we had a second guitar so I could do base and yeah, I realize I could be the drummer but it’s hard and it hard to look cute in the game doing it 😉

Preparations for tomorrows party at Kat and Paul’s are well underway.  The red velvet cake is made and awaiting frosting, the dip is chilling in the freezer.  I’m debating making deviled eggs too but I think someone else might bring those.  My laundry is humming and the kitchen is sorta picked up from the cooking bonanza, I’m waiting to mop the floor until I’m done frosting.

The dip, BTW, is goooood.  It’s a spinach and feta cheese veggi dip.  I hope it sets up well.

Jason and I, for once, are actually home together with our son.  Maybe tonight we’ll play some Mario Party together.  Nothing says quality time like trying to steal loot out from under your loved one huh?

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

I was actually able to get a photo of The Boy smiling.  Usually he sees a camera and he stares at it but I was playing one of his bestest favorite games.  Run down the hall and jump into mommy’s lap.  When he came around the corner I was waiting for him and caught this.

He’s saying daddy now and my mom and Nichole swear he responded to a question with a “yeah”.  I do worry that at almost 16 months he’s not really talking much, but he’s listening.  My mom tells me the other day he hummed part of the Spongbob theme song.

Oh and Nichole dissapointed me greatly the other day.  Kyle was throwing a fit because he couldn’t go outside to play and I started singing “You can’t always get what you want”.  She looked at me and asked if that was a Backyardagains song.   I have much work to do.


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