The short work week.

What is it about a short work week that sucks all the life out of you? My Monday and Tuesday have sucked giant orbits of suck.

Work is not fun, home is hectic and my omelet just turned into scrambled eggs.  Oh, and my kid hates me.  He clings to daddy, takes grandma his toys and freaks when I try and pick him up.  I’m like a giant kicking post for him lately.

The cats are spitting up hair balls, I spilled coffee on my bathroom rug.  My blueberry muffins taste flat and I burned my hand with the chicken stock.  There is spilled milk on my bedsheets.  Tell me, is it ok to cry about it now?

I’ve had to say the phrases, “stop touching your penis it’s full of poop” “the cats tail is not food” and “for the love of God let me pick that booger PLEASE.”

I keep forgetting to get coffee, my hair color has gone flat and I’ve gotten one of the few periods you get when you have an IUD.

There is a pimple the size of another head just into my hair line.  Yay.  It’s covered up but if I brush my hair it hurts.

My head hurts again, my body is angry at me and my left eye itches.  The right twitches in sympathy.

The monitor has wavy lines.

Short weeks are teh suxzor.


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