The gall bladders in this family, they are defective.

So yesterday my mom called me at work to find out if I would be ok with my niece watching Kyle if my father had to go to the hospital.  Seeing as she’s 15 (almost) and has always shown me that she’s responsible and he adores her I had no problem with that at all. 
My parents went to the hospital around 4pm yesterday and mom didn’t get home until after 1am.  Dad was admitted pending surgery to remove his gall bladder.  Seems he and I both ignore doctor’s warnings about our general health.  This time he won.  Not only was his full of stones but it was also infected.  Way to go pop!  The surgery has gone well but they will keep him again for IV antibiotics.  I’m telling you West Allis Memorial is making a mint off of this family.


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