Well he lived up to his promise, sorta, kinda, well not really.

Gov. Doyle vowed not to raise taxes when he ran for Governor of WI.  He said it over and over, he wasn’t going to raise taxes.  And even with the state running in the red thanks to our generous Welfare, Medicaid and other social services he’s not.  Well not my income tax, which is the 13th highest in the nation.

He is however raising all the other taxes he can.  From the cigarette tax, which is now a $1.77 a pack, to looking at the gas tax, which is the 5th highest in the nation coming in only behind CT, NY, IL, MI and WA.  We’re tied BTW with FL, HI, and NV.  If his proposed tax hike goes through we’ll be the 3rd highest in the nation.  Lucky us hey?

It’s called a ‘sin’ tax.  The only reason they he won’t seriously consider raising the liquor tax is because he knows the masses would riot and call for impeachment.  And I’m not trying to be cute, they honestly would.  We in WI take our booze seriously.  Far more than our cheese or cranberries.  Liquor is right up there with how we feel about the Packers.

I’m expecting to hear soon about taxes going up on fast food, pre-packaged food and other ‘convince’ items.  These things are bad for us you see, so it’s ok to hike up the fees to use them.

Except, of course, when you start breaking it down these taxes will hurt those already living in poverty or teetering on the edge of living below the poverty line.  For them the difference between driving their cars legally came down to the $10 hike in registration fees that our government already put out there.  And there are whispers that we could see another hike in those fees again soon.

And let’s not forget the new taxes he’s got on businesses.  The more the doctor who owns the clinics where I work is taxed the less likely I am to get a raise, more PTO or other perks.  Or he is to hire someone else to help me with the backlog of work.  Then again maybe I shouldn’t worry about that because if Universal Health Care goes through I may not have a job.  Well, maybe not, if how the current government run health care is run the way Universal care would I’m safe.  We can’t get a bill paid correctly on about 1/3 of all claims we bill without someone intervening.

Now is not a time to tax.  If those who run our goverment really want to stimulate the economey they’ll try to get more money in the hands of people so those people can spend that money.  I don’t see that happening though.  Just like the Federal goverment the Wisconsin state goverment is controlled by the Democrates who feel they know what’s best for me and that I should just trust that they’ll take care of me.


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