Took the dive

I took the dive and can now be found on Twitter.  I have no idea how often I’ll actually be using it as I’ve gone non geek and don’t spend much time here in front of the computer.  That’s a great deal in part because once again the WoW sub has run out and I’ve run through a lot of games already and have no new ones to fill the gaps.

I’m also not writing though I’ve got a story floating around in my brain.  I know the characters and the first hook but can’t finish with the ending or how I’ll get there.  I also am not sure how to write in a subtle love story without it being romance as that’s not what the story is about to me.  Of course I could work on it more, write it down, story tree it and flesh it out but that is work people!

Today with Kyle was one of those sublime days.  You know the ones where he wants his mommy but not so much I can’t go pee without him melting down.  He took naps well, was giggly and happy, snacked and entertained everyone at Aldi.  He guzzled 3 glasses of milk and 3 of water.  He was all smiles and we’d play cars for a bit then he’d wander off and do his own thing while I did mine.  Then in his simple way of telling me that he wanted me again he’d bring me one of his cars and hand it to me so I could make it pop out into a dinosaur.  Then he’d smile and laugh.

I do have worry points though.  He doesn’t mimic as much as other babies his age, he hasn’t gotten waving bye bye down and hardly does it, still doesn’t really do kisses unless it’s random and hasn’t done one hug.  He also doesn’t point to things he wants, though he does reach for them, and does not nod yes or no.  I suppose I’m being overly worried but while he does do babbling and social interaction it seems to me like he doesn’t care much for it unless it’s on his terms.  Though I could chalk that up to his being 1 and in his world everything should be on his terms.


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