Are you kidding me?

They are talking about snow here.  Yes, I live in WI.  I should know that snow will happen in Spring but damn.  Last week it was all nice and warm.  Now I’m freezing.  Stupid Snow.

I realized taking to Sara the other day that gone are the days when she and I would sneak out of a party and visit the porn store.  Of talking about the drags of dating, of problems with school or stupid dead end jobs.  Now it’s talk of boogers, vomit and baby sleeping patterns.  I got old damnit. I have gray hair and acne, where the hell is that fair?

My neices think the music I listen too is ‘classic’ stuff.  What’s worse is when I played Linkin Park for them they knew who they were but then when I told them that Linkin Park came out when I was in High School they went “Wow that band is old.”

Thanks girls.  When you two are 30 I’ll remind you about that.


One thought on “Are you kidding me?

  1. But you know something else about getting old? There’s youth to be found here, too. Today was a rainy day for us, though it mostly was misty, as the rain had pretty much drenched us overnight. So I took the kid outside after his nap. We found a big puddle. We jumped in and danced around. When we finally came inside, all four of our shoes, all four socks, and all four feet between us were chilly and soaked. But I don’t remember the last time I jumped in a puddle and kept jumping. It’s like the world is opening up again and you start to realize how amazing it really is all over again looking through those eyes.

    I think that “old” is not a four-letter word. If it means days like this, I’ll take it.

    I wish we’d gotten more snow than just the one storm here (which hit us at the beginning of March, no less). So enjoy the spring snow if you can. And enjoy your inner child when your actual child needs her to come out to play.

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