There is proof

Got Shards?

Got Shards?

Yeah, he’s got another one that says I cry because mommy plays WoW.  BTW, I’ve got an official level 80 now.  So I’m a real WoWer again.  Not just pretend.

Over all things are ok now.  Sadly Friday I have to go and have a tube shoved down my throat to check out my stomach.  Seems that chewing through Pepcid AC and Tums isn’t normal.  Who knew?  I have another test for next month too.

Kyle has found a new playmate!  Liam, Branden and Holly’s 3 year old.  Liam wasn’t really all that into other kids before.  But what can I say, the friendship is in the blood.  By day two Liam was handing Kyle his cars.  The ones that no one else touches to play with.  So Saturday they are going to come over for a play date.  And Holly is going to do some laundry.  Seems we moved from Quail at the right time.   By this point they hardly have heat at any time, the pool is always gross, they’ve been through 4 managers since me and in their building one washer and one dryer works.  Chris is now running for the hills too.  Good news for us ’cause we’re the hills and we get a rent credit for his lease.

Work is well.  I’m working with Sara more and most of my appeals get approved without too much issue.  At some time I may even get a raise.  Though from what I hear those things are hard to come by.

I’ve also impressed our tech support.  The clinic had to buy Sara a new computer so I called R up and told him we needed to point it to the server and get the key to the software.  Less than half way through the conversation he figured out while I may not always know an answer he didn’t have to spell things out to me.  Today he didn’t even think when I was setting up a shared printer when he asked if my PC had a static IP address.  And he didn’t blink when I told him yeah and what it was.

Problem is when I get him on the phone it ends up a long conversation.  He likes having someone to talk to on the other side of the phone who isn’t asking him “Ok what is an IP?”  And I freely admit to him my knowledge is limited and I’ll call him before I try and screw with it myself but now that he showed me that I can do it again on my own.

Of course today we got into the geek girls vs. the geek male ratio and he did accuse me of liking the attention.  My only response was to admit that, yeah, to some degree I did.  Why the hell else would I wear a tight pink tee shirt with the words “Talk Nerdy To Me” across my chest to a convention?  I didn’t tell him that part though.  I just agreed with him that it is rather nice for the ego.

I’m happy in my marriage, Jason is too.  But it is nice to know that you are still attractive to people who haven’t seen you vomit or with tissue stuffed up your nose.

That’s, sadly, about it for now.  Kyle will be one in less than a month.  Where did the last year go?


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