Next, women who love tools and the tools who sorta kinda love them

Jason is in the living room watching TV with Kyle.  Apparently VH1 or some such channel tricked a bunch of guys by telling them they were going on a TV show called “Mr. Awesome”.  Turns out they were going on a show about them being tools.

So far one guy had his other girlfriend come out right after professing his love for the girl friend who got him on the show.  Another kissed another girlfriend when he thought no one was looking and another took her guy back after he couldn’t say he’d be true to her.

Now, the behavior of the men sickens me but these girls.  Come on!  He’s not going to change, he’s not worth this.  They have video of them being jerks and you’re still hoping he’s Mr. Right.  He’s not.

Let me say this in small words.  Once he cheats he’ll continue to cheat.  If he treats you like a doormat he always will.  He is not worth it.  This show should be called “Women who love Tools”.

WoW is down.  I am sad.  I shall resort to actually doing some people things.


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