What can I say?

There is a lot I could be saying but I’m not.  It’s that thing where you have this blog where you invite people to read your life but then realize sometimes there are things you really shouldn’t say because it would end up causing even more problems.

Let me put it this way, I life the life of a young(ish) mother who’s husbands work hours suck, who’s pay is ok but the benefits are outstanding.  Who’s boss hates him and who is miserable at his job.  I work soley because I have too with women who sometimes like me other times don’t.  I have a mother who has, among other things, MS, a brain tumor, Fibro, bad knees and a substance abuse problem.  My father is an avoider who says horrid things when I can’t hear, defends mom’s bad behavior and is also an addict.

My grandmother is great but talks about everyone.  And it’s never the good stuff only the bad and once an idea is in her head you cannot shake it.

(Sorry ahead of time Karen) My sex life is nill, and when there is anything I’m the one who iniaties.

I’m 30 and I have acne.  I have more meds now than most people two times my age.  Some are for fibro, some are for the stomach ulcers.  Others to calm me down and one for stress headaches.

There is never enough money and when there is it’s gone before we knew we had it.

I have a sister who can be giving and wonderful one day but others mean and spiteful.  She’s slow as a turtle and God help you if you need her in an emergency because she’d get there after 2 stops.  She’d need smokes, coffee, gas and a new pair of shoes.

The doctor feels that I have real health problems that are only being exasperated by my stress.  When I turned to someone to commiserate about this I was told this is life deal.

I’ve not written in a year.  Acted in over 5 and don’t ask me the last time I sung in a group.  Even WoW can’t hold my interest long.

I’m 30 and I still know when I’m going to get a ‘talking’ too, my son enjoys kicking my surgal scars and I cannot stand upright anymore.

It’s one of those things you deal with, it’s life.  I’m going to ‘pamper’ myself by taking out my contacts and using my facial mask and hide back under my electric blanket until my father comes over to fix something for me.


2 thoughts on “What can I say?

  1. Hey…. whoa…. did they ever find out what was wrong with you? Just sent you home in all kinds of pain like that? What’s going on???

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