Life line

Well I had a large post all ready to go but as luck would have it when I went in to post photos of the war wounds I lost it. Oddly enough it was a ode to how much I love this BlackBerry.

So no pics right now.

Back to the phone. I used to mock Jason because he sleeps with his. I so totally get it now. At 4 am when the pain wasn’t getting much better my phone allowed me to sign into AIM and find Sarah awake in London who, when I told her what was wrong did not hesitate to tell me to call 911.

Jason and I sleep in two different beds, long story, so when I couldn’t yell loud enough to wake him the phone let me call him to wake him up.

Of course the phone let me call 911.

From there it had medical information, phone numbers and it even amused me with episodes of House. The only problem was that I had no reception pretty much anywhere until I got to my day surgery room.

It was there that Stephanie gave me the biggest smile of my day by making sure there were pictures of Kyle waiting for me when I woke up.

Now it serves as my line to the outside world. Heck even this post. I have been texting, IMing, going online and even looked over medical sites so I could see what to expect as I healed

Bottom line I loved this phone before but now that its allowed me to have a line to others when sitting up is hard I won’t ever mock Jason again.


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