Ms. Lucky

So around 1:30 am on Tuesday morning I awoke in a crap ton of pain.  I got up walked around, tried to get into different positions and took some meds for my tummy.  By 4 am I told Jason we might want to call 911.

Long story short, I’m thankful for my grandmother, my parents, my mother in law and Karl and Stephanie because each one of them dropped what they were doing and helped get things in order for me to have my gall bladder removed on an emergency basis.

EMS took me to West Allis Memorial and when they called my regular doc who’s out of Waukesha Memorial she started laughing and told them if I was asking for morphine then I was in a ton of pain because she normally has a hard time making me take anything more than Tylenol.

West Allis was great but I opted to go to Waukesha to have the surgery for the continuity of my medical care and because Dr. Sukoway would be able to see me there if there had been complications while she couldn’t have at West Allis.

In both hospitals I had great staff from the nurses to the docs to the people who registered me.  If I can say it without sounding odd, it was actually a pleasant experience.  My grandma and I had a great visit, my mom and dad were extremely helpful getting me set up and ready to leave.

My surgon had told me before I went under to expect to stay the night given the time but then told the staff if I felt well enough I could opt to go home.  I actually felt pretty good, was able to get out of bed on my own, peed right away and sat well in a chair so I went home.

I’m still taking my pain meds and I can’t wait until 7 when I can shower.

And again, I’m lucky because I’ve got a whole group of people who are really going out of their ways to help me since I can’t pick Kyle up.  Or stand long.  Or drive.  I’m hoping to be off the pain meds by Friday and back to work but I’ll use my judgment.  I’ve already talked to Dr. Suk and she said if I felt I was ready to go back but the surgeon was nervous she’d release me.  But again, I’m going to take it day by day.  If I’m still having problems sitting up for long periods of time or still needing the narcotics I won’t push it.  But I think by now we all know me.  My idea of ok and another persons are two things.

In fact the surgeon did say the gall bladder was pretty bad by the time he got it out and was surprised I hadn’t been in more pain or had had it done sooner.

The Lord, He has placed wonderful people in my life.


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