The answer is fleece

I’m going to start this off and say there will be people who’ll read this and think very bad thoughts about me.  But the answer to Kyle and sleep is fleece.  As in a fleece blanket in his crib.  *gasp* *shock* /faint.

Friday as I tried to get him to sleep I sat next to his crib in my rocking chair in my robe, my fluffy robe.  After a bit of screaming he started to reach for the sleeve.  I thought he was reaching for my hand so I’d give that to him.  He’d play with it for a bit but then go back to my robe.

On Saturday morning when he woke at 4am I didn’t have my robe on.  And he didn’t sleep.

Saturday afternoon my mother tried to get him to nap and it was a fight.  But she got him down eventually.  No fleece.

Sunday evening Kat gave me a fleece blanket and as I sat next to his bed I put it over me.  He kept reaching for it over and over and mommy got a bright idea.  I put the corner of the blanket in between the bars of his crib.  Like I’d given him the most bestest thing in the world he rubbed his face against it and put his thumb in his mouth happily.  So I ran and grabbed one of his fleece receiving blankets and put that in there.

Like a moth to a flame he grabbed it and rubbed his face and sucked his thumb and was out in 10 minutes.  He never work up.  Ok, well he did but that was because he was stuck.  But after that not a peep until 8am.

Tonight I put him in his crib, he grabbed the blanket and found his sweet spot.  Not one cry, not one peep, not one moment of fussing.  15 minutes.

The moral of the story?  Saftey is so very important with our children.  I’m pretty vigilant about it with him but if a fleece blanket he wants to curl around and rub his cheek on will get him to sleep happily through the night I’m not going to argue.

Oh, as for my test today, the tech, of course, couldn’t tell me what she saw.  I should know tomorrow if it’s the gall bladder.  Until then I get to be on the happy cocktail of antibiotics again for the Colitis that reared it’s ugly head over the weekend.  My doctor did make it clear I had to go get the wonderful and way not uncomfortable scope up the butt test done and like, last week.


One thought on “The answer is fleece

  1. Dude, Kyle’s old enough now that he can handle a blanket in the crib. Don’t tell the bad mama police, but Michael’s been sleeping with blankets for about as long as he’s been sleeping in his crib (so about 7 or 8 months now). And lo and behold, he is still alive, too! Yay for sleepy fleecey!

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