So about that sleeping thing….

Remember when I posted about our new sleep routine with Kyle and how it was working and we’d finally gotten him through the night?  Yeah that lasted a month until he got a cold.  When that happened we did go to him and comfort him.  Then the holiday’s came with their own brand of crazy.  Long story short.  He’s not always sleeping through the night.

To make that really bad is that now it’s on the other side of impossible to get him to sleep again.  This morning he was awake at 4am.  By 6am I was in tears and at my wits end.  I’d done everything but the moment he was asleep and snoring and I’d put him in his crib he’d start in with blood curdling screams.  My end came when I put him in bed next to Jason and told him I was ready to let him scream and sleep in my bathroom with the fan on so I couldn’t hear.

He did not sleep until 7am.

Today my parents and Lexie were here.  I’d gotten a newish bed and dad and I were moving it while Lexie and mom kept Kyle busy.  Lots of stuff (of course) went wrong.  My mom tried to get Kyle down for a nap but again the moment he was in his crib blood curdling screams.  She finally managed to get him to nap by continuing to put him in a lying down position, patting him and refusing to let him stand in his crib.

Tonight I made a vow.  I went through his normal routine.  He’d start to nod off during his bottle and wake himself up.  He and I went into his bed time ready room and I put him in his crib.  Crying.  I pulled the rocker next to the bed.  Still crying.  But then a funny thing happened.  He realized I wasn’t going anywhere so he stopped crying.  He just stood there and started to play with his soother and his Glow Worm (Glowie) and then he’d reach out for me.  I’d hold his hand for a moment then let go.

For a few moments he started to cry again but I put my hands on his head then when he stopped crying I took them off.  As he started to check out his blankie, Glowie and the soother I rocked and closed my eyes.  When he finally laid down he reached for my arm and played with my robe.  Sometimes I’d put my hand in other times I’d just let him play with his robe.

With one last cry he fell asleep, curled in the corner where I sat, thumb in his mouth.  Tonight will once again be the test when he wakes up in full panic mode.

Thanks to Lexie’s 9 year old help I was able to get some things done today so now I can play games all night until I go to sleep.  Last night I got mom and dad’s computer all ready to go.  Made sure they had anti spy ware on it, set up a second, limited website blocked profile for the grandkids, got them both email addresses.  Once they get ‘net at their place I’ll go and we’ll set up a password to their profile so the kids can’t get in on that side.

Of course I have no faith that teenagers won’t try and find ways around these blocks.  But as usual, I have a plan for that.

On a totally different thought, my co workers think it’s funny I use big words.


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