A snow day and a conversation

For the record it’s bad here today.  Snow flying sideways, sidewalks covered, over a foot to hit us.  We’re staying home today.  I may go in tomorrow, but that’s debatable.  It’s a good thing because I’m helping overwhelmed Stephanie by entering her clinic EOB’s.  Jason’s home already today. 


What do you do to earn a paycheck?  I sit on hold for hours listening to the same 2 song repeat.  These songs are so mellow and mind numbing it lulls me into a nap like state that renders it impossible to remember why I called the number in the first place.  Then I talk to someone with a thick accent with the name of Snow who cannot grasp what my problem is.  Or, if you want to be technical, I work in medical billing.


Wow that sound intresting!  It’s not.


How did you end up in that type of job?  I went to college and paid $7,000 to major in Theater.


Ok.  Well working full time with a small baby sounds like a lot of work.  How to you keep it together?  Oh, I eat well, find time to do my yoga.  And Valium and crying jags in my shower.  Mostly that last two things.


Is Jason helpful?  Indeed he is.  I’m a lucky, he wakes up with Kyle, he feeds him and gives him a bath.  Honestly he’s very, very involved with Kyle.  And I’m so happy he decides to help me feel more needed by giving me plenty of things to pick up and put away each day.


What do you like best each day?  Walking into Kyle’s room and seeing him smile when he sees me.  Then watching him sleep each night.  Oh and when he reaches for me.  Or giggles for me.  Or smells.  And when he throws a toy in my face. 


What do you like least?  Waking up.  I miss my bed until I’m in it again.


Is it true that you’re always cold?  Let me put it this way.  Frosty is warmer than I am.


I heard a rumor you’re done with Christmas shopping.  I am.  But it’s all hiding in my closet because I’m too lazy to wrap it.  Of course I will say it’s because Kyle will just rip anything up I wrap but let’s face it.  It’s because I’m lazy.


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