I have nothing of value to add.

Kyle’s got a runny nose and is waking up at night screaming his head off.  Poor baby.  Poor spoiled baby.  This kid wants for nothing.  Except my dice.  Those he wants but he can’t have.  Oh and electrical cords he wants those too.  And Peabody’s fur.

Poor Peabody cat.  Unlike Marble he’s not learned to run and hide from Kyle yet, instead he just tries to stare him down.  The result was that PB left a scratch on Kyle’s cheek.  All I saw was a streak of gray fur and Kyle happily grinning with a fist full of cat.  I try my best to make Kyle leave the cat alone but, you know, he could help a bit by not always needing to be in my lap with Kyle.  That’s the sad thing about PB, cause and effect is lost on him.

So far the only thing Kyle has found from the Christmas decor is that he tries to eat my Baby Jesus, I never in my life though I’d have to say ‘Kyle don’t eat Baby Jesus!’, yet I have.  And while he’s chewing  our Lord and Savior he knocks Joseph and Mary over.  I know the Lord has a sense of humor, just look at a platypus, so I really hope he sees the humor in this.

After 4 days off of work I’m really not looking forward to going back, though I’ll be in one of the clinics Monday and Tuesday so it won’t be as bad.  My anxiety levels are off the charts though.  I have a med check next Friday so I’ll let the doc know this round of meds isn’t helping much.

This Friday is the Sherwin party!  PAAAARTY!  Old friends, Jay and Priscilla up from AZ, good food and family.  It’s going to be fun.  Kyle’s going to the Naujock’s house though we’re still in the debate for an over nighter or not.  Either way I’ll have to pick him up on Saturday and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do a repeat performance of needing my shoes removed at the end of the night like I’ve needed in years past.  We’ll probably pick him up.

Then on Sunday all the second cousins are going to meet at Aunt Val’s.  With the twins up for a visit it’s a perfect opportunity.  What will be even more fun is that they are all around the same age.  So there will be loads of pictures and grandma’s to dote.

Oh yeah, the computer guy told Brenda just what I’d told her about her malfunctioning computer.  The hard drive is borked.  I just looked at her and very calmly said that I’d told her that information for free.  And the next bit of free information I was going to give was get a back up of everything you need because it’s not a matter of if now it’s a when.  But that’s what you get for getting the $299 blue light special.

Of course the accountant keeps swearing they told her that these computers could handle what we needed them to do.  Of course they can and they did but they aren’t really that well bulit, that’s the reason they were cheap.  You’d do better to spend a tad more for a machine that will hold up even though, as the women loves to point out, computers are out of date quickly.  Yeah but that doesn’t mean they won’t run.  My machine is 5 years old, yeah it’s that old, but it’s still humming along.  BTW that’s on my wish list for the upcoming year.  Getting a new machine built for me.  /drool.

Kyle is Santa

Kyle is Santa

His first Thanksgiving meal

His first Thanksgiving meal

He's found the tree



2 thoughts on “I have nothing of value to add.

  1. He is so smiley! It sounds like you guys are having a holiday blast. M enjoyed his first thanksgiving feast, too. He went to town on the mashed potatoes and green beans, especially. Have fun!

  2. He is so adorable. I love the Santa outfit. I am however having Kyle withdrawal it has been over a week. We are hoping to take him to the Christmas Concert with us on Friday night at HCLC! See you Thursday.

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