Hi ho Hi ho into the holiday’s we go!

Oh my holy hell, Blizzard has done some amazing things with Lich King.  At the end of one of the many quest chains I earned an achievement and my computer screen went black.  My first though, given the age and the temperamental nature of this computer, was that I’d finally killed it.  But no, it was a cut screen that showed the advancement of the story line in game.  Once that finished the zones around me changed.  NPC’s who hadn’t been there were now there, a field was now a burned out wreak.  Oh and I got to raid the Horde’s Undercity to help them.  Of course this just started a war when their King turned on us but hell, it was a great ride.

Now I can see quest chains and events, even areas, diffrently than someone who’s not finished the chains.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

Let my co-workers in on a little of my geekyness today when my boss’s computer gave her the black screen with a beeping sound to back it up.  I told her that it was toast.  She doesn’t believe me but I told her that when it’s not getting the blue screen o’ death and I can’t even get it to boot to a point I can get into safe mode it’s very, very bad.  Of course she whined that it was a brand new computer.  My only response to this complaint was to tell her that’s what you get when you buy the $399 Circuit City Special.

My boss, though, has said she’s very happy with the job I’m doing.  So that’s good for me.  I’ve been fairly successful with appeals.  Even won a few that I only appealed to say I did because as far as I knew we were up a creek on them.  Thankfully the appeals people at one insurance company are about as intellectual as their CSR’s.

I also got to give good news to a clinic, almost $1100.00 in claims coming in for a provider, who was at fault for not getting paid in the first place.  Just a note, if you aren’t credentialed for an insurance then don’t see those patients ok?

One last note on this topic, to my clinics.  I love you ladies but there was a reason we took away your over rides to our lock out codes.  It’s because for some reason even if someone owed us thousands of dollars you would just over ride the lock out and keep scheduling them.  Please do not get pissy with me if I inform you that without payment I’m not removing the code.  If you go to Target and try and leave with $3500.00 worth of their products that’s theft.  It’s no different when people don’t pay our bills.  We work out payment plans, hell we’ll even take $10.00 a month so there is no excuse for people not to work something out.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and it’s Kyle’s first.  I had him at just the right time because now he can partake in some of the treats of the holiday with us.  This is the only year we’ll split the holiday day with both families.  Many years ago we decided to alternate Thanksgiving and Easter because trying to work things out to spend time with both sides was a pain.  So far it’s worked well.

This year Kyle was 3 weeks old for Easter and it was my parents year.  We spend a good deal of time with them but we did go by Jason’s mom’s for a bit too.  It was his first and we wanted to make sure we all shared it.  For Thanksgiving it’s Jay’s mom’s year so the majority of the day will be spend with her and the rest of Jason’s family but we’ll be making time to go to my uncle and aunt’s home to visit for a bit.  Christmas Eve has always been spend with Jason’s mom and Christmas Day with my mom and dad.

Honestly that was hard for me to get used too.  Being with my mom’s family on Christmas Eve was such a huge part of my childhood.  A good deal of my Christmas memories are wrapped up in running down those basement stairs and smelling the basement smell, hearing the murmur of the adults and seeing the haze of cigarette smoke.  Of course, there is also the infamous Christmas Eve my grandmother got drunk and nearly caused a riot but that’s a story for a different day.

We used to try and make it over to my mom’s family on Christmas Eve but after a while it got to be too much.  As we were coming in people were leaving, it was tiring and we were short changing his mom.  So that too stopped.  This year we had talked about splitting some of the time but in the end it’ll only make Kyle cranky and make Christmas Day miserable with an over tired and over stimulated baby.  So we’ll pack him some jammies and after dinner he’ll open his gifts and it’s into his room at Grammies until daddy and I head home.

Christmas Day is always at my mom and dad’s and last year they’d moved two doors down.  I’d told my mom that some of my fondest memories of Christmas Day’s past were when Carly and I were older and we’d all sleep in.  Dad would get up and start some coffee then make a great big breakfast and then we’d slowly open our gifts all afternoon.  It was lazy, it was close and it was a wonderful time.  Mom told dad that and he called to tell us to come over in our jammies Christmas morning and he’d make breakfast.  So we did.  Me in my stars and moon jammies Karen had gotten for me and I’d just opened on Christmas Eve, they matched Kyle’s nursery theme, and Jason in a tee and jammie pants.  At 7 months pregnant I trundled through the cold in slippers while Jason held my hand to go get a little bit of those cherished memories back.

It was our last Christmas as a “we”.  The last one we could decide to nap in or be lazy once we got home.  The last one we’d exchange our small gifts in the morning quietly.  There was something sweet and sad about that.  We’d longed for a baby and each year at Christmas I’d be a little sad I wasn’t being woken up to the squeals of “Santa CAME!”.  To not have someone to tell the story of Jesus too, talk to about Santa and his elves.  But at the same time I enjoyed the quiet of the we.  The easy going, casual, relaxed feeling of it. Once we got home from celebrating we’d take our time to savor the things our loved ones picked for us.  Talked about the funny things that were said, about how this gift was missing a piece or how this one small stocking stuffer was the neatest thing we’d gotten.

This year will be a lot different as we get home and put a sleepy baby into his bed.  Among the shirts, video games and books this year will be brightly colored plastic, tiny shoes and socks and things that light up and make noise.  It’s going to be a very, very nice Christmas.


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