Yeah it’s been a while.

And I can’t say it’s because I’ve been busy, just stressed.  A lot has down down in the last two weeks.  Some good, some bad.  Kyle though, is always the good.

Between you and me Lich King came out and I’m spending most free time there.  Sure it’s less free time now but I’m still rolling around and kicking butt.  It’s nice to see some old friends again and it’s nice to be interested in the game again.  Sure once I hit 80 I’ll be back to grinding out rep over and over but for now there’s some fun.  The new quest lines are very neat, well thought out, well executed and interesting.   And they’ve even added some new dimensions to the quests like swooping in on a bird and rescuing people, driving a tank and shooting giant guns.

Plus the new scenery is just breath taking.  While Outlands was sort of other worldly and some what fantasy like, the new zones are wintry complete with trees that are heavy with snow.  The one new instance I ran today was both beautiful and fun.  Kyle likes to watch me fly on the birds from zone to zone and summon my dreadsteed.  The dreadsteed I’m not sure on but the bird thing must be fun to watch as the colors fly by and change.

Work is work.  Not much to report there except it’s sort of like being back in high school where you wonder what the cool kids say as you leave the room.  They are talking about making us wear scrub tops, nicer shirt like ones, and black dress pants and black dress shoes.  Personally I think we’ll look stupid but all hell broke lose when the ladies I work with directly decided it was “stupid” and that they had spent $75 on dress pants and by God they were going to wear them.

Jay and I have gotten into watching The Big Bang Theory.  It’s like watching my friends from the outside complete with the socially awkward one who can’t talk to girls.  Cute, funny and well thought out show.

Other than that I’m chilling until the husband and baby get home from grammies.  Then it’s into the tub for him!


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