A little voter

On Tuesday Kyle went with me and hung out in his sling while I voted.  He seemed to enjoy the whole thing and watched me as I got my ballot, as I voted and explained to him what we were doing.  Though I did have to tell him not to eat my ballot at one point.  But other than that one incident we survived his first election well.  Dinner with grandma and grandpa after didn’t hurt either as he stole all grandma’s cheese and more than half her sweet potato.  He knows a mark when he sees one.

As for me?  I can’t say that I’m thrilled about the outcome of the Presidential Election.  I am excited to see a huge step forward for our nation in uniting behind a man who’s half black and half white.  I can honestly say I’m proud of my country for seeing past the color of someones skin when choosing our nation’s leader.  Our President Elect has a rough start ahead of him with our nations economy, two wars and a budget that’s completely blown.  I pray that he finds his balance and we support him.

Meanwhile, I’ve been WoWless for 2 weeks.  Between being dead tired at 9 each night and my father being in the hospital I’ve been away from the computer, and nerdly pursuits, for a while.  Funny how real life can get in the way no?  After I’m done updating here I’ll have to finish picking up the house then get Kyle ready to visit his grammie and head back to the hospital with my mom.  BTW, hospital cafeteria food sucks.


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