Four toofs

Kyle now has his two bottom teeth and his two top teeth.  It’s funny because the top teeth are larger compared to his bottom ones and right now they’re just sort of poking out.  In his orange pumpkin outfit it’s really very funny.

He’s gone 4 nights without a bottle and this morning I didn’t even go to him.  He fussed but he never cried for long.  Just bursts and I figured my going in there would set him off more then letting him work it out for himself.  I was right.  But because of his weird daytime’s so far this week, he was with Holly (yay Holly!) Monday and Tuesday he didn’t nap well which set him up to be cranky as hell at 6 am.  So I’m going to take him easy today to try and ease him into sleeping a bit and hopefully we can get him back into his normal self.

I only watched the debates in bursts last night.  Truth be told I’m not a huge debate fan.  It’s just one long infomercial for each candidate, with both stretching the truth and taking digs at the other guy.  In this day and age of TV, national newspapers and Internet I can see an Obama ad, then go online and find out if what he’s said about McCain is true or vice versa.  I generally find that there is some truth in it but not the full truth for both sides.  For me knowing that JFK won the debate with Nixon when people saw it rather than listened taints my view.

At any rate things are a little odd around here.  My mom is having an MS flaire up and my grandmother is out of town meaning we’ve had to scramble for child care and I had to take today off.  We’re blessed we have people who were willing to step up because while my boss would probably have understood me not coming in our bank account can’t take me not working almost a full week.

Kyle enjoys watching WoW.  Yeah the Warlock in mom is happy to hear about that.  Apparently he likes to chew on a toy while watching all the colors.  Not something I’ll do long term with him but at least I know there’s something else I can do with him.


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