Being a bad mommy

So far it’s going ok.  On Saturday the dreaded 3am wake up was all I thought it would be.  He screamed so loud my ears rang and it was oh so tempting to give in because my heart was breaking.  But I didn’t.  He’s getting better already with his naps and bedtime is almost a breeze.  It’s the night time that’s hard.

But it’s getting better.  Daddy dosen’t have to spend long in his room and today he slept until 5am.  And while he kicked and fussed he didn’t come near the level he did the previous night.  In fact I left his room and he fussed some more but I didn’t go in.  He’d fuss then stop.  Then a few moments later fuss again.  Then stop.  AND HE PUT HIMSELF TO SLEEP.  In fact he’s still sleeping.  I’m not even going to hope getting him to be able to sleep and comfort himself is going to mean he might sleep until 7 or 7:30 but hey if that’s a side effect I’ll sure as hell be a thrilled mommy.

This is heartbreaking and I can see why a lot of parents can’t do it.  But I hug him close and in the morning when he wakes up he’s all smiles when I walk into his room.  He’s forgotten the night before and is only happy mommy’s there.


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