Small post script

Today went ok.  The afternoon nap was a killer, 1 hour of fussing and crying.  But he did go out.
He was cranky as hell for dinner, to the point where I put away his baby food and let him eat some cut up pears, Cheerios’s and some of his banana puffs and watch the Backyardagin’s.  He was over tired at that point because the change in the routine was stressing him out.

Bedtime went much better, 15 minutes from in the crib to me being able to leave.  He wasn’t fully asleep when I left but he wasn’t crying and he was lying down, thumb in mouth and doing the cooing into his mattress he does when he is ready to zonk out.  I suppose that’s really the goal.  That we don’t need to be there for him to finally sleep but right now we’re showing him we are there for him when he needs us.

I do dread tonight though.  I’m sure the wake ups will be very stressful on all of us.  But my hope is that he’ll figure out after all day today of no bottle to sleep and all night tonight of no bottle to sleep one isn’t forth coming.

I’m sure our neighbors hate us.


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