The Mek is back and you’re gonna be in trouble….

I am officially a WoW player again.  Mek’s up and rolling and strolled through Kara last night for some good old fashioned killing fun.  Man it feels good to be a warlock.

In my last few months of pregnancy I was so tired that everything was an effort, sitting upright was near impossible for long periods of time and it placed Kyle square on my bladder.  So I peed.  A lot.  Around that time Angelic Wrath breathed it’s last breaths and I and the other officers were working on trying to keep the people who’d stayed with us and supported us a float in the game.  Then came the merge with Corner Stones of Azeroth and the bumps that come with that.  I didn’t raid much and when I could I was completely useless most of the time.

Post Kyle I was so tired when I got home I wanted to play mindless games where I could point and click then not think of strat or how to get my butt out of that spot I just put it in.  Then game the stretch of money when I wasn’t getting paid for more than a month at a time.  I had to take a break.

During that time the guild moved on, as they always do.  I was demoted, which is understandable.  I’m not out geared and out classed by most everyone and I feel a little a drift.  I wouldn’t say that I’m not happy, just sort of floating in that odd do I belong or not sort of place.  My tepid mention of maybe raiding again was met but an even more tepid response and I realize I don’t know a lot of the people anymore.

But, over all it’s a great guild.  Zultura is a very nice person.  I want to contribute so I farm and send mats to the bank and pass over gear that’s actually an upgrade from Kara, sad yes?, to alts.  I’m not a raider and I’m in a raiding guild.

Even with this sort of floating non belonging belonging I’m so happy to be back.  To be Meki.  For a long time I lost myself in being Kyle’s mommy and now I have a piece of Dana back.  I play once he’s in bed for the night or sometimes while he’s playing in his excersaucer behind me.  He likes the movement and dancing.  But I still don’t come anywhere near the play time I once had.  And I’m ok with that.  Because I don’t play for the gear or the glory, I never did.  Yeah, I get pride when I wear gear that is hard fought and other, lesser Warlocks drool, and there is a thrill from being from a guild that people respect.  But really I play for me, because after being Jason’s wife, Kyle’s mommy and an employee I’m a gamer.  And I’m a WoW player.


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