Hi! I’ve crashed your wedding!

It all started out as a joke.  Neil was, of course standing up in Brad’s wedding.  They were best friends after all. And Neil’s girl friend had just dumped him, again.  So I jokingly told him, “Hey, I’m your date!”

Yeah, Neil is literal.  And once he says ok to something he’s committed to it.  It’s the kind of guy he is.  So I’m crashing Brad’s wedding.  Sort of.

I met Neil and Brad through WoW.  The first raiding guild I was in was mostly made up of people from WI.  We never really set out that way but it sort of fell together that way.  The Boys had also been in my previous guild, the one I’d leveled Meki in but I’d only known them peripherally.  It wasn’t until I made the jump to AW that I got to know them better.  I might add, around that time Jason was working mega hours and traveling a lot so I played.  A lot.  When the day was done, house clean, cats fed, I’d log in and play my heart out.  I was Meki of AW.  Warlock Class Leader.  Princess Meki Mek of the Pink Buns of DOOOOOM.

Anyway, Neil, I got to know much better.  Brad.  Well Brad is Brad.  And if he probably can’t end up in your pants then he’ll be happy to see you and share a beer but other than that you’re really not on his mind.  He’s adorable but in that sort of giant boy way.

So when Brad got engaged I never really thought about it.  Until Neil and his girl broke up.  And I only ever said it as a joke.  But Neil, well he wants me and Holly to go with him as his date.  Though, really, Holly’s the crasher.  Neil did put down himself and one so you could argue I am technically invited.  And Brad, being Brad, probably doesn’t realize that having a crasher at your wedding is most likely going to send the bride into swoons.  I just comfort myself in knowing that they will be people who’s dinners they paid for that aren’t showing up.  Also, from what I hear, almost all of Brad’s invites were wrong.  Neil’s name, Andy’s wife left off, Neil’s brother, who’s a groomsman! not invited.  So we’re going to pretend our invites just got lost in the mail.

Over all I’m looking forward to it.  I really hate leaving Kyle for a day.  It’s rare Jason and I do.  But he loves his Grammie and she loves spending time with him and she was happy to watch him for the day because J’s at work.  I know he’ll have tons of fun with her.  And I’m really looking forward to meeting Andy’s wife.  Who’ve I’ve only ever known as “The Wife.”  A women who really frowns on video game play and has some very strong opinions on those who play.  But me being me I know I’ll set that image on it’s side to her.  I’m a gamer, love it.  Adore it.  It’s my hobby.  But more than ever now it’s secondary to making sure my home and family is well fed, loved and happy.


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