Nom, nom, nom

Kyle wore an outfit his daddy wore

Kyle wore an outfit his daddy wore

Last Sunday we put Kyle in an outfit that came home with Daddy.  Needless to say he was adoriable.

We’ve moved on to 2nd Stage Foods and some solids now too.  He loves squash and turkey and peach cobbler.  In fact I was worried that he’d keep eating until he got sick tonight.  As for the wagon wheels for babies, the jury is still out but he is starting to grasp the idea that he can chew food down.  I’m so proud of my little boy.  I’m a little concerned that he really doesn’t want bottles much except to top off his tummy but he doesn’t look like he’s hurting for food.  In fact he looks like he loves it.  So like his daddy.

He and Peabody are in a show down for who’s really in charge. 

It’s sort of a draw.  Mommy has to pull Kyle back because he loves to grab Peabody’s hair and squal with delight.  Peabody enjoys not moving for Kyle, as if Kyle gets that Peabody was here first.

I’m still waiting to see how this one turns out.


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