And the GOP are the heartless bastards?

After Katrina Kanye West famously said that George Bush hates black people.  The President, and in many cases his party, was accused of not caring about the poor black people in NOLA who had no means to flee the storm and were left on their roofs.  There was a giant outcry over conditions in the Superdome, questions and accusations of the Federal government ignoring the issue, of FEMA being hapless.

We were the heartless bastards.

The left leveled accusations of anyone feeling that, perhaps, 3 years should be enough time for people to no longer be needing temporary FEMA trailers and continued government support were racists.

Oh how the view changes when they have something to gain politically.

Michael Moore, a pompous wind bag of epic proportions, said that Gustav proved there was a God because, laughing, the GOP convention was being held up the Mississippi while NOLA was being decimated.

Former DNC Chief Don Folwer says pretty much the same thing, gets caught on tape then issued a non apology and follows that up with, well you don’t expect some right wing nut job to be taping you.

Other, private citizens have also said pretty much the same thing.  As long as it’s hurting the GOP’s convention then it’s AOK with them.

How can anyone think that because their political rivals are hurting it’s ok to have an entire region decimated, families flee, homes destroyed, businesses flooded and people’s already hurting bank accounts ruined.  That, my friends, is so beyond repulsive I can only call  it comic book supervillany.

If the situation had been reversed and the Repubs had said that about the coronation that was their convention we’d be called all sorts of names, from heartless to racists and down to rich asshats.  But when the words come from the Dems and it’s seen as helping their cause, their oh so important, morally high, want to help real people cause, it’s just dandy to destroy an entire coast.

I’m so beyond repulsed by this thinking I’m not even sure what to say about it except if you ever think that it’s funny or ok to watch a part of your own country, or any country for that matter, be decimated for what you perceive as good you have gone down a path of self destruction.


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