Back in the saddle

I’m having a hard time coming up with a character for Spycraft.  It’s a combination of having not rolled my dice for so long and allowing that part of my creative side to be eaten up by better ways to organize my home.  Being beyond dead tired and in massive amounts of pain on a regular basis probably doesn’t help.

I’m going to have to crack open the old guide book and start playing with ideas.  As fun as that can be it can also eat into my already precious personal time.  The thing is that lately if I don’t feel like doing something I just won’t, no matter how enjoyable I might find the out come.  Wanna bake but out of flour, meh I’ll pass.  Wanna game but need a character?  I’ll deal with it later.

Compounding my general laziness is Kyle’s great mobility and attempts to climb up things.  Today he found the washing machine.  With his face.  He’s fine and the it actually helped get him to nap but still.  I think I scared the crap out of the telemarketer who called and wouldn’t let me off the phone without hanging up on him when I said “Where’s the baby?!” followed by a thump, a loud cry and “OMG OMG”.  Best.  Way.  Ever.  to get an annoying phone call over.


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