Sara Palin

I first heard of the Governor of Alaska when she was on CNN talking about drilling for oil.  I found her to be poised, funny, smart and well versed in the needs of her state.  It really intrigued me that here was a Conservative Republican women leading a state who was young, fairly pretty and had done a lot to piss off the status quo in her state party.  Needless to say I liked her.  A lot.

The mother of 5, her youngest is only a month younger than Kyle and also has DS, she didn’t go to ivy league schools, grooming herself for a life as a politician.  She’s been the mayor of a town, run a group to stop corruption and a Governor, all before she was 45.  Now she’s the VP slot on a Republican ticket.  As much as this might hurt in some ways, I’m actually starting to like the idea of President McCain even better.

I think it was a smart choice for McCain for more reasons than she’s a women.  Yes, she’s got a uterus and I’m sure that that was weighed when McCain was debating on her for a spot on the ticket.  Yes I’m sure that part of the reason he leaned to her was he was hoping it might help pick off some former Hillary supporters and also make him far more attractive to the security mom’s who helped re elect President Bush.  But to choose her solely for that reason would have been a very, very un wise choice.  And McCain may be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t always one of them.

Palin can help shore up the social Conservative base that’s been fidgety about electing him.  She’s pro-life, and lived that when she brought her youngest son into the world instead of aborting him.

Her anti corruption street cred isn’t bad either.  She took on members of her own party when trying to root out corruption in her state, going so far as to resign her position when she was ignored.  She’s also ended the bridge to nowhere.

She’s for oil drilling in a responsible and safe way.  To paraphrase what she told the interviewer from CNN, it’s her state’s oil and they should be the ones do decide, not DC or environmental groups that have no real steak in the state.

This brings me to her being a fiscal conservative.  As well as a states right one.  Issues close to my heart.

Watching her eldest son go to Iraq also helps deflect some of the Michael Moore like questions about when are you going to send your kid?  She has.  So, might I add has Cindy McCain.

She also allowed him to satisfy the skittish base while still allowing himself to paint a picture of him being a maverick politician.

She has problems, she’s doesn’t have a lot of foreign affairs experience.  Though I might add neither did Bush 41 when he was picked or Pres. Clinton.  It hurts the campaign using Sen Obama’s lack of experience, though it can be argued she has more.  But it also hurts Sen. Obama as well.  He can’t very well accuse her of not having experience when his resume is light too.  There is also the appearance that she, or someone in her office, attempted to get her BIL fired from his job as a state trooper, although the staffer who made the calls was suspended.

What I am enjoying most is the idea that the GOP is, maybe, moving away from the white, ivy league, old man picture.  That really isn’t the party in a lot of ways.  That old play book isn’t working anymore, and McCain realizes that.  Perhaps with this pick he can start to push Republicans to give up on that and step away from the safety of it.  We need to show case that we aren’t just a party of Christians, of straights, of men and of boring old people.  We have a base of young people who are becoming frustrated with not having much to get excited about, of candidates who don’t get our issues as more than an academic exercise.  There is a middle of Conservatives who aren’t in the party because of moral issues but because they want smaller government, less taxes and less government control.  And we have a fringe of people who are more worried about giving the Democrat’s control of our national security.
With her on the ticket McCain has gotten a lot of buzz, a good deal of his party more excited about the election and voting for him not just against Sen Obama and has guaranteed that this election day we will break at least one more glass cealing.


One thought on “Sara Palin

  1. Hey there, Dana. Great posts. I am in total agreement. We have got to stand tough cuz the Obama strategy is to do to her what they did to Hillary. Nobody’s perfect and I’ll take her faults any day. She’s honest at the core. So is he. Laterz….

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