My breakdown

I left work with only the intention of getting my car emissions tested and re-registered for 2009.  I did not have any intention of stopping on the way home.  But the game store is on the way home.  And, well you see, to get in there coming from home is hard, you have to do a U turn on a busy street then a hard right into the parking lot.  On the way home from emissions though, it’s just right into the parking lot.  Easy Peasy.  So tempting.  And well, there was something I really wanted to get for Gabe (it’ll be in the mail soon Sarah) and the only place I could think to find it was at the nerd store.

So I stopped.  I never had the intention of purchasing anything other than the gift.  But something happens when I walk into a gaming shop.  The smell, the sights.  It’s like most women in a shoe store.   And, as normal, there was a pack of men and I was the sole women.  There is something about this that makes me happy.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s because there is still the misguided misconception that if a women is in a gaming store she’s there to get something for her man.  In a fit of female gamer pride, the same pride that left me reaming out a geek guy at Best Buy for implying that women who played WoW could only play a priest, I had to stop and browse.

I’d sworne off you Vampire.  When WoD died then Vampire died for me.  I hated that a few of the old clans stuck around in some twisted bastard version of their former selves.  If you kill the line, kill the line.  I missed vampires with history and the weight of generations on their shoulders.  And Justin was gone.  Vampire was dead to me.

But something about the shiny cover of The Fall of the Camerilla cried to me.  I had to sniff it, see it, feel it.   I had to have it.

I don’t know what crazy over took me.  We have no plans to play any of VtR, in fact Jason’s settled on Spycraft.  If I got anything it should have been that.  Or shiney new purple dice.  Or even some KODT.  No, I got that.  Something in me can’t just walk away from Vampire, no matter how I try.


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