Gabe’s update

Little Gabe may go home on Saturday!  Given that his doctors were sure he wouldn’t survive off life support this is so unexpected I cried.  He’s awake, moving, ticklish, breast feeding like a champ and now regulating his own body temp!

There are a few worry points, they are still not sure the extent of, or even if, there will be permanent damage.  They probably won’t know that for a few years once he begins to develop more advanced motor and verbal skills.  They are also worried about his muscle tone and response.  But just the fact they think they can send him how in just over a week, that is God’s grace and love.


One thought on “Gabe’s update

  1. What wonderful news! I hope that he continues to surprise and impress all who know him.

    Strange how I don’t even know your friend or this little baby, but I’ve been thinking of them and praying for them anyway. And I’m glad they are hearing such good things, even if they aren’t out of the woods yet.

    Prayers & thoughts continue.

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