Some Kyle, some geek, some work

Some Kyle:

Kyle has learned to crawl.  Actual crawl, not the frog hop, drop and drag worm thing he’d been doing for a month now.  His arms and legs are still a little unsure of what’s going on and it’s slow, but it’s a crawl.  He can’t even sit up yet without flopping over.  That isn’t important to him, sit!  Bah on that!  I must move!

Some geek:

Jason may have it in him to run a new game.  Right now he’s not sure and he’s not decided if it’s VtM or a Spycraft game, but it’s a game.  Dear Gawd it’s a game.  Paul’s on board, B’s on borad and Greg probably will be.  A real game after all these long, dry years.  Time with friends!  Rolling dice! (Dear Gawd I have to find mine).  A game, a game, a game!

Of course the mom in me went “Those dice have a tendency to get lost and are the size of a baby windpipe.  We need to make sure they are all picked up all the time.”

Some work:
The sheer number of people who do not understand their insurance and how a doctor’s bill works astounds me.  The number of people who ignore letters from their insurance company telling them they won’t pay a claim until they do X is staggering.  The sheer balls on those same people to call me up and rip me a new one when we have the audacity to actually bill them for their treatment is mind boggling.

You go to a doctor.  As a courtesy they bill your insurance company on your behalf.  They don’t have too.  They can tell you you get to deal with the headaches of getting them to cough up a check.  If they don’t pay, you have too.  It is your bill.  Every day I work as hard as I can to get your bill paid, but sometimes you actually do have to pay.


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