Quick and dirty

I’ve only got a few minutes before I have to get his bag ready, dress for church and wake Jason up.  But I really wanted to get this stuff down or I’ll forget too.

Kyle got his first tooth on the 7th!  It’s tiny, you can barley see it but it’s there.  He’s also mastered standing at his crib rail if you put his hands up there.  I’m very, very scared.

Other than that, he’s still a tad small for his age, but he’s growing so quick and he’s developmentally ahead of the game so we’re not worried.  He might just be a smaller kid.  But Jason really wants him to play football so I’m going to hope he just catches up slower.

Ok, off now.  We’re going to brunch after church.  The things that make me happy.


One thought on “Quick and dirty

  1. They grow up so fast! And don’t worry, M fell off the bottom of the growth chart there for awhile, but he’s back on it now and catching up. Every baby grows at their own pace, you know, and if he ends up not being real big, but fast, he could be a wide receiver or some other football position that requires qualities of that nature. Enjoy him being little, though, because you’ll blink and suddenly, there he’ll be on the gridiron all grown up.

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