Thanks for the memo

So I was demoted in my WoW guild from Officer to inactive.  Makes sense seeing as I can’t afford my fee right now and until this last month there was no time to take care of myself, my home and my son.

The problem?

My two ‘close’ friends who failed to give me a heads up.  Oh I’m sure there was a post in the officer forums about me that I missed, seeing as I’m a little busy and don’t get online often, I’m sure I missed it.  I’m not really even mad.  Before I had Kyle I’d asked to be stepped down from officer status.

What, once again, hurts is it’s been demonstraited how little thought some people give about my feelings or other people’s feelings.

In the next month or so we should be able to afford my fee again.  I’ll keep my mouth shut and head down.  It’s a game and one I enjoy playing.  Maybe I’ll enjoy playing it again now that I don’t have to deal with the BS.


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