He seems to like squash.  I was, pleasantly, surprised by that.  Frankly he didn’t seem like a squash kid to me.  Don’t ask what a squash kid looks like though.  So far he’s not big on the ‘nanners nor the carrots, but I think he might get into them if I ask him to try again.  He still mows his rice cereal like it’s going out of style though.

He’s on his hands and knees now, rocking back and forth.  I have a feeling he’ll be crawling before I realize it.

Oddly his enjoyment of squash has made me want to try and find some recipes for squash when fall comes.  I’m trying to get into a habit of using more veggies around this house.  I figure if we want him to have good food habits Jason and I need to model them.  Hard when I’ve pretty much been raised on carrots and corn, but gosh darn it I’m gonna try.  I’ve got a small window here where he won’t realize that his mommy and daddy wolf down cheeseburgers while we give him carrots but that’s a small one.

Also, I’m getting sad that my rear end knocks things over.


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