We did this to ourselves.

We did it to ourselves,  the crappy market and housing industry that is.  We charged and financed our way into homes far to big and far to expensive then went and bought all the Ethan Allen goods we could stuff into our walls.  We then waited for a year and took out a home equity line of credit and then went on a 5k vacation, bought a 40k car and bought Coach purses and steak dinners.

We could not wait for the little splurges in life.  $5 cups of coffee three times a week, hey I deserve it, $400 soccer lessions for Johnny, he enjoys it!  We needed a new car and it had to be new with DVD and GPS.  No second hand for us!  How dare people think we should wait!

And no way could we drive sedans.  Nope we had to have giant SUV’s and mini vans because our kids have to haul around a metric ton of stuff for their 3 daily lessons and 5 school projects.  The idea that if we bought gas at the rates we did drove up prices along with other market factors is just plain silly.

We had to have, no waiting, instant credit, just charge it we’ll worry about it later but hey we’ll get Disney Bucks for it too!

The goverment doesn’t need to fix it, we do.  We over bought and over consumed and felt we had a God given right to have whatever we wanted the second we wanted it.

But it’s not our fault.


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