Silly baby

Kyle has found his feet, his very chubby feet.  Now when we play on the floor he grasps them in his hands and sort of looks at them a little confused as if he’s trying to figure out what to do with hands that are that far away.

And the giggles!  When you ‘eat’ his tummy or his chubby thigh he chortles in glee.  It makes us laugh because it sounds like a stutter and nothing at all like a laugh.

He was baptised last weekend and slept straight through it.  Well until Pastor Russ began to walk through the church with him.  Then he opened his eyes and stared at all of us like “WTF? Huh?”.  But he never cried.  Not even when daddy fell and almost dropped him.

In other news I start a new job next week Monday.  We made the decision to pay our cars off ASAP and start to save for a condo.  We also want to get to a point where Jason’s salary will cover our bills alone.  No flashy stuff or newest for us.  But we want to do it so that we can A) Save more B) When we buy have my “extra” money to upgrade C) Send Kyle to HCL grade school and D) Consider having another baby.  If we do we will only start trying again if and when I can stay home until both kids are in school full time.

Of course I want to weep when I realize that I won’t spend so much day time with him, but the hours I’m at work are actually less because I’m done at 4 not 6 and daddy will stay with him in the morning until 10ish so he gets daddy time to boot.  I just keep saying “It’s for his best interests, it’s for his best interests.”

Kyle ready for church


One thought on “Silly baby

  1. Kinda crazy how having one baby makes you want to have another baby. They’re kind of like tattoos that way. Yeah, I want another one or several, too. But we’re in no financial position to do that yet, either, so we wait and work and save. And it will all work out somehow in the end.

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