I just <3 general elections

Moveon.org has a new commercial out.  I think most of us have seen it.  A young mother holds her baby, he’s 5 months old mom says.  She says how much she loves him and loves watching him grown.

Then mom looks at the camera and says that John McCain can’t have Alex to fight in Iraq because John McCain has said he’s stay in Iraq for 100 years if that’s what it took.

The scare tatcic pissed me off at first.  Oh sure Moveon, imply that Sen. McCain is going to start a draft and steal all of our son’s.  The commercial ate at my brain because I knew something more than just that ideal was off.  It suddenly occoured to me that Alex was 5 months old and that Moveon was either really bad at math or was figuering that those Evil Republicans were going to over turn the Consitution and allow John McCain 4 terms in office.

Then I realized that Moveon had also implied that somehow the war in Iraq would go on for 100 years because John McCain said so.  After I figured all that out I had to take a nap because my head hurt.  But I couldn’t sleep because I kept having nightmares that actual voters beleived that John McCain and the Evil Republicans would steal their babies to train to go to the 100 year war in Iraq.

When I woke up the news was prattling about the increasing gas prices.  Because my head was killing me I had to get some asprin in me so I went to the store and started to count how many mid to large sized SUV’s I saw and how many mini vans I saw.

When I got to 21 I stopped counting.  My over heating brain realized that the same people who were screaming for congress to punish those Evil Oil Companies are the same ones that have to have these giant gas sucking cars to cart around their 2 kids.  Because a sedan is just way too small.  Of course I have to wonder how my mom did it with a Buick Skylark.

Aspirin just wasn’t going to help at this point so I turned around and went to pick my son up, who by the way is way too young for the John McCain baby snatching vans to get, and play a wicked fun game of fingers and toes.

I just love general elections.


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