The storms that won’t quit.

I’m proud to report that Peanut can sleep through storms and Tornado Warnings blaring away. Hell the kid could sleep through a bomb going off in the house. That’s a good thing. What’s not a good thing is the weather around here. Rain, storms, thunder, rivers over flowing, damns ready to break, roads being shut down. Hell we even had on lake drain out totally. It’s insane.

The grass doesn’t know what to do. It’s growing faster than even it wants too. Two times in two days I toss the cats, blanket, pillows and the diaper bag into a bathroom in preparation of having to run. I’m also going to slap together an emergency kit for those times we need it. Even when the weather isn’t too bad we’ve been known to lose power around here. Once in the middle of a raid I was co-leading. That was a fun night.

So right now the thunder is rolling through, rain is pouring down and I’m wondering when the plague of frogs will come.


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