Things my kid likes but shouldn’t.

Yesterday I visited my grandmother for a while. She had AMC on in the back ground and they were having some sort of Chuck Norris movie bonanza all day. At one point she gasped that he couldn’t fall now from the bridge he was clinging to. My only response was to look at her and tell her with no trace of humor in my voice, that he was Chuck Norris and that’s all the world needed to know. At 67 she did not get the joke.

So while grandma and I were chatting Kyle’s eyes found the TV set. At home I tend to turn it off or turn something like the music channel on so all that he’s watching is a picture, but we still have music to dance too. But grandma didn’t turn it off and before I realized he wasn’t watching me anymore he’d watched Chuck fight off half the Vietnamese army then blow a helicopter out of the sky all by him self. And injured too.

But that’s nothing to the enjoyment he got from watching Shaun of the Dead last week.  I’m not sure if it was all the bright red fake blood, the funny accents or the zombies shuffling around but he talked to the movie for almost an hour.  The ‘good’ mom in me wanted to turn it off.  The ‘bad’ mom in me was enjoying my son watching a good bad movie.

He also loves to stare at the computer screen.  It doesn’t matter if daddy is playing a war game or mommy is typing to friends on AIM, the magic box of movement has his attention.  Sometimes I go to a kid friendly site, like Sesame Street, but often I’ll just let him watch me type a response to a thread asking what the writer should do with left over chicken or how to put an image in her response.

Right now he’s talking to his musical yellow lion and he’s being rather animated about it.  I think he likes it because I’ve got him turned from the TV so he can’t see it, but he can hear it.  Perhaps he thinks the lion is really Spongebob Squarepants.


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