The week

Wake between 4am and 5am depending on what time Kyle decides he’s hungry/wet. If it’s 4ish I get him back to sleep by 5am. If it’s 5am I get him back to sleep before 6ish.

If Kyle refuses to fall back asleep before 6am I get him settled back down and I shower and get ready for the day. If he’s been a wonderful baby and conked back out I get a bit more Zz’s my self.

6am the alarm goes off. It used to be that he’d sleep until 6:30 or 7am. Now he thinks it’s whee good time funz to wake up ungodly early. If I’m lucky to beat him before he’s awake I brush my teeth in the shower as I shave and wash my hair and swipe soap at my body. He’s awake by the time I’m done in the shower.

I change the pee pee boy then give him his breakfast. We chat for a bit then we play “watch the news while mommy puts on make up.” Then we play bounce or tickle. By now he’s ready to watch the mobile go round and round so he’ll lie in his crib and do that while I finish my hair and try and find clothes that A) Are not maternity B) Clean and C) Fit. But that one’s negotiable.

By now he’s totally bored and furious at being left out of the good times. We dash back to the glider and he finishes off his bottle and falls back asleep (if I’m lucky). Time for me to get my morning coffee on. Now it’s a dash to make sure his diaper bag has everything in it it needs, like Glowey the Glo Worm and Butterfly, who currently has no name.

He hates me now because it’s time to wake him from his slumber and stuff him into the seat he hates so. Once I catch the flaying arms and legs and get him bucked in we can walk a few doors down to get grandma and grandpa. If he’s not awake yet Rio’s barking is a sure baby waker. Grandma has to double check the routine with baby boy before I leave.

Move Jason’s car, grab my work things, get my car and head to the office. I guzzle the coffee because, well, coffee breath is sexy.

During my lunch hour, that’s actually 2 hours, it’s time to load the dishwasher or load it depending. Get dinner started, most days, clean, and do baby free chasing. Sometimes I eat lunch.

When it’s quitting time I head home, drop my car off, leave my work stuff and collect the now wailing child. We get home and the cats flip out because they are so damn hungry!! I change to the sound track of crying. Once I’m ready to go we change him again and we see if we’re hungry. If not it’s rocky time until he can breath again.

7pm starts bedtime routine. Bath, baby massage, clean diydy, new jammies, book, bottle, rock. If I’m lucky (there is that phrase again) he falls asleep mid feeding. Pack him into his beddy bye. If I’m really lucky he stays asleep. If not he cries for about 5 minutes before I come back. When I do I’m greeted by screaming and a look that tells me he’ll put me in a nursing home that reeks of cat pee when I’m old. A bit more rocking and now he’s really asleep.

8ish starts the dinner hour. Most nights dinner needs to be cooked. By 8:30/9ish we’re eating dinner. While that’s cooking I’m picking up the baby debris that somehow followed me all through the place and trying to get ready for the next day. By 9ish I can finally check my email and by 10 I’m passing out.

Tuesday’s are a lot like that, except I only work until 12pm. So I collect him around 1ish and he and I play games, cry, sing, fuss, eat, and nap (him not me).

Thursday’s we wake at the normal time but mommy gets to go back to sleep if he does. He doesn’t. We play games, bouncie or funny faces, then he falls asleep again right about the time mommies coffee kicks in. So she cleans. It’s also laundry day, so we fold and put laundry away as it’s cleaned while watching Dora. Or rather he watches Dora and mommy dance like a loon. We put laundry away if mommy didn’t space out and forget that the dryer was on air fluff.


One thought on “The week

  1. Sounds crazy. But kind of like you’re getting the hang of everything. Awesome! Soon it will all change again. They keep you on your toes, these little humans.

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