Told ya

I considered writing about the Democratic Party decision on what to do with FL and MI but I really have nothing to add to that discussion. I could write about the bombshell that’s supposed to be coming out about Mrs. Obama but I don’t like to comment on speculation.

Instead I’ll talk about how Jason should have listened to me.

Last Sunday he cut his foot while taking the garbage out. It was bad enough he let me nurse it. I kept telling him to keep it clean, keep band aids on it and keep cleansing the wound. But being a dude he was like, macho, and went ahead and did what dudes do. He put a sock on and called it good.

Tonight he comes home with Peanut and is limping pretty badly. To the point where when I asked to see the foot and noticed it was swollen I told him we were going to the ER and he agreed. His foot is infected, but not badly.

The best part of the I told you so is that I kept asking him if he wanted me to call Dr. Sukowaty and see if she’d take him as a patient so she’d be treating him, Kyle and me. He kept saying he doesn’t see a doctor so he didn’t need to have a primary one.

Ya I’ve gotta call her tomorrow because he needs to see one to follow up on the foot.


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