The bedtime routine

In an effort to keep us sane and set good sleep habits for the boy child we have begun a bedtime routine.  It seems to be working very well over all.  The last two nights he went down easily after the first 5 minutes of letting him fuss and tonight he was yawning as we started our ritual.  The biggest downside is that he wakes up far, far, far too early for my taste.


Part of the “get the boy to sleep and now” pattern is reading to him.  Each night it’s one of a few stories and J and I want to continue to add more.  Some nights I read to him as I feed him and others Jason will when he’s home.  The other night Jason decided he needed something a little less, well, normal and got out the Guide to the Camerilla then read it out loud to Little Guy.  Oddly enough Peanut seemed happy enough to listen to the monologue of Montrose as he spoke of Las Vegas and how he works hard to keep the Sabbat out.  Perhaps while I change him each morning I’ll start telling him about the different vampire clans. 


Of course I could always dig out the old copies of The Hobbit we have or Lord of the Rings.  Though I did realize that I failed as a geek mom and did not go to our local game shop and pick up his first fuzzy D20


One thought on “The bedtime routine

  1. So funny! Me, I usually lull our boy off to dreamland by singing a Nick Cave tune. Sometimes I go a little more classic and sing “The Gambler.” Nap times often involve a little Tom Waits. I’m sure this means he’s going to grow up to enjoy the musical stylings of whatever cheesy pop group or big-tittied starlet is popular at the moment, but I’ll bring the good stuff to him while I can.

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