Video games.

Kyle, as I’ve said, loves watching us play GHIII. I guess Holiday in Cambodia has a great beat for a two month old.  I suppose that the lights and sliding bar he can watch doesn’t hurt either.  He kicks his legs, smiles and makes noises that could be laughter but the laughter of a 80 year old asthmatic smoker.

I have no intention of nay saying him playing video games.  We’re a gaming family.  Jason and I loved to bowl on the Wii when I was hugely pregnant.  I watched with rapt attention when he played through Kingdom Hearts.  The Pooh board was a particular favorite.

Of course my family is reacting as if I’ve informed them that I want to teach Kyle how to cheat at cards.  I don’t care.  We want to balance those games with others and school work.  We can do them as a family, Wii has a good group of family friendly games.  Just so the kids can watch mommy and daddy get their butts kicked by Princess Toadstool.

Also, I’m looking forward to having a chance to beat someone for once.


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