Sen Ted Kennedy

I must admit other than his being a Senator from Massachusetts and the last Kennedy brother from “Camelot” alive, I know next to nothing about him.  Well that and he foolishly named his dog Splash.  Could he have chosen a worse possible name for a pet?  I’m sure he could have but other jokes would be in bad taste.

But I, like many others today, felt a pang of sadness at the news that he has a brain tumor.  I pray that he will recover, for his friends and family.

But I couldn’t help but think “What will the Dems do now with the last of the Great Kennedy Clan very ill.”  Oh surely there are other Kennedy’s who can carry the family banner but with Sen Ted Kennedy gone the last link to JFK and RFK.  Over and over again President Kennedy is held to a high spot of great people to be admired and Sen Kennedy bathed in that glow.  The Democratic party seems to really want to live in that past and to keep trying to get voters to as well.  A time when the President could diddle someone in the oval office and the press turned away.  A time when the President could take various drugs to look young and peppy and no one batted an eye.  Ah those good old days.

In complete sincerity, I hope that he obtains wonderful care and makes a speedy recovery.


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